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Top 10 Dental Problems In Cats And Dogs: Discolored Teeth 09/06/18 - 7:34 am

#8 Discolored Teeth Teeth are comprised of four major components – Enamel, Dentin, Cementum, and Pulp, which you will learn about over the next few…

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Tips For Keeping Your Pet Healthy 09/06/18 - 7:28 am

As pet owners, we all want our pets to live long and healthy lives. Owners can ensure that their pets stay healthy by implementing preventative…

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Ticks: Tips To Keep The Ticks Away 09/06/18 - 7:27 am

Tick season is upon us and if you live in an area where ticks are abundant, you may want to take extra measures to keep…

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dog smiling
6 Benefits Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Pet 09/06/18 - 7:24 am

February is Spay and Neuter Awareness Month! You may have heard that spaying or neutering your pet has benefits; But what are those benefits? From…

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Check the Chip
August 15th Is Check The Chip Day! Request An Appointment And Get Your Pet Microchipped! 09/06/18 - 7:22 am

What is 'Check The Chip Day' you ask? August 15th is a day to raise awareness with pet owners to register and update their pet's microchip. Though…

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Be heartworm free!
Be Heartworm Free! Protect Your Pet Today 09/06/18 - 7:20 am

Heartworm disease is a deadly disease caused by a long, thin parasitic worm that lives in the cardiovascular system of infected cats and dogs. The disease…

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Orange tabby looking out of kennel
Check The Chip: Get Your Pet Microchipped At Animal Hospital Of Conroe 09/06/18 - 7:10 am

August 15th is Check the Chip Day. Is your pet Microchipped? Is their microchip up to date? Microchipping is a permanent form of identification that could…

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2 women holding pug puppies
Facts & Stats About Your Pet’s Diet 09/06/18 - 7:08 am

There are many types of diets for cats and dogs. Dietary needs can differ from pet to pet, depending on whether your cat or dog…

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Heartworm disease, what you need to know
Heartworm Disease: What You Need To Know 09/06/18 - 7:07 am

What is heartworm disease? This disease is caused by worms that live in a pet’s heart and blood vessels of the lungs. Though it primarily…

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dog facing camera
Heatstroke In Dogs: Prevention, Signs, And Treatment 09/06/18 - 7:05 am

Summer means fun camping trips, nighttime bonfires, and BBQs with friends and family. Summer also means the temperatures are rising. Avoiding extreme heat is critical…