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920 West Dallas Street
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I have been using Animal Hospital of Conroe for 16 years. I love Dr. Pat, Dr. Flood and all of their staff. My dogs are taken very good care of when they visit.

– Cindy W.

This is the second time we’ve been here and I can’t say enough! The first time our gorgeous Shih Tzu was stolen and missing for 5 months, we received a call from this clinic when a nice couple picked up our “stray” to have his chip read. We were elated to have him back!! Today our sweet boy was very lethargic with contractions in his abdomen. The office was very responsive, even though they would not let anyone inside due to Covid restrictions. The vet was very knowledgeable, providing detailed assessment and suggestions, they took great care of our dog with quick response and excellent communication. What a blessing, only 2 hours to taken up this 4th of July, and our pup is back to normal!

Hannah W.

The vets and techs here are amazing!! They took such great care of our very sick Josie (14 yo jack Russell/dachshund mix) for two weeks over the Christmas holidays. They were so loving and caring, they would send me videos of my baby and answered all our questions to make sure we understood. Even though it was expensive it was nothing compared to the other place on 45. (That was double) of course when it’s your fur baby you do what you have to but that may it feel like we weren’t getting taken advantage of cause we wanted to do all we could to save her. Sadly New Year’s Day our bay crossed the rainbow bridge and with us the vet and tech were balling, they got to know how special our Josie was in just two weeks. We are forever grateful to all of them that cared for her and will definitely return!

– Laura A.

I’ve taken two pups here now. The lady at the front desk had to calm me down from a panic attack once. This last time we took our new puppy from MCAS here. It was Sunday evening and she wasn’t breathing and she was coughing a lot and running a high fever. We thought for sure she had distemper and the Vet working that night treated it quickly and aggressively. We had to leave Opal over night and when we picked her up she was already better enough to take to our regular vet. I don’t think opal would of made it through the night if it weren’t for these guys! Thank you so much! And i recommend going to them for any emergencies.

– Nadine B.

We are so incredibly happy to have this facility here in Conroe! Twice in the last year, we’ve had one of our dogs bitten by a copperhead. The doctor and staff move quickly to assess the injury, do the proper bloodwork and advise treatment plans. They keep antivenin in stock and both times we have chosen to have it administered. In both cases, the facial swelling began subsiding immediately and the pain associated with the bite and surrounding tissue was obviously reduced within hours. In both cases, within 24 hours the dogs were back to good health and we can’t say enough positive things about our experience. Thank you Animal Hospital of Conroe! We highly recommend you and your team!

–  Joe G.

Animal Hospital of Conroe is Top Notch! We had never been there before until yesterday. Our dog was actively dying at home and having difficulty breathing and our Vet Office (Best Friends) would be closed by the time we got there so they suggested we take our dog to your office because you were open 24 hours a day. So we brought our dog to your office to be euthanized. I cannot say enough about how amazing everyone was. The front desk clerk was very efficient and got someone to help us ASAP. A sweet girl came out with a gurney to bring our dog in. They immediately took her to a room and put an IV catheter in. Then the doctor came and got us so we could be there when they put her to sleep. Afterwards they let us take our time to say our goodbyes. The doctor was so very sweet, caring and kind and moved very quickly with everything so our dog wouldn’t suffer any longer. Then another girl came in to have us sign papers for cremation and she was also very sweet and kind. Wish I could remember their names. God Bless all of your wonderful staff. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to take care of our sweet pup.

Debbie W.

I have to say I was … am blessed Animal Hospital of Conroe is near me when I needed them in my time of need. I called them on my way in (second emergency visit of a 15-yr old dog I was struggling with of knowing when his time would be). Well I knew the second visit was his time and called on my drive in and asked for them to please meet me at the door and take him immediately and help with the situation so I could put him down peacefully … they did just that. THEY WERE AMAZING! The entire team! Never met this group before and they were so professional, so unbelievably compassionate and even cried with me as they gave me hugs and support.  … Their compassion did not end when I left my dog/boy. I received a card from the entire staff signed that week and then even more surprises when I picked up my dogs ashes. Class act and not over price at all. When you go into an emergency animal hospital … YOU need to know what is needed or not and can push back. I am actually looking into their 9 to 5 services because I was that impressed and I am a stickler on price and customer service, not my first rodeo. Thank you all that helped with Jake.

Carrie R.

They are always so friendly and caring. Our dog loves going there! And the vets are great: knowledgeable and straight forward without being pushy.

Ann W.