Canine & Feline Wellness

Keep your pet healthy and happy with wellness care Annual Wellness exams include an extensive examination, vaccinations, fecal examination or deworming, heartworm test, and optional wellness blood work. Semi-Annual exams for our canine patients include an exam with our veterinarian or a registered veterinary technician, a fecal examination or deworming, and a booster of the Bordetella vaccination.​​

Senior Wellness

Help your older pets stay healthy with senior wellness Semi-Annual senior wellness exams allow us to stay up to date with health issues that may arise as your pet ages. During these exams, your pet will receive a dental disease evaluation and an osteoarthritis evaluation. We also recommend performing annual senior wellness blood work on […]

Pet Dental Services

Our pets need dental cleanings and check-ups too! Did you know that dental disease is the most commonly recognized abnormality on a physical exam of a dog or a cat? Because as owners we do not regularly brush our dog or cat’s teeth, plaque, which is a film of bacteria, builds up on teeth surfaces. […]

General Surgery

We offer many surgery options for your pets Our trained veterinarians are available to perform spay and neuter surgeries as well as other general surgery procedures. Pre-anesthetic blood work is required for all surgical procedures. This allows us to make sure there are no underlying conditions that would change or prevent us from doing anesthesia. […]