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It’s Pet Appreciation Week: How Are You Celebrating?

There is nothing sweeter than your dog’s happy, wagging tail, or your cat’s adorable meow. Each day, when you return home from work, school, or any other activity, your devoted companion awaits you–in fact, you are their whole world. With Pet Appreciation Week around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of ways to show your pet how much value they add to your life by planning a fun surprise that includes their favorite things! 

Get Active 

This Pet Appreciation Week, plan a fun day to get active with your pet. This may be as simple as extending your usual playtime or walks to show your pet how much you love them by spending some additional quality time together as they enjoy one of their favorite hobbies. 

Fill the Cookie Jar 

Whether you plan to bake your pet some special cat or dog treats or run to the store to stock up on their favorite tasty snack, this Pet Appreciation Week you can show your pet how special they are by making sure they have an abundance of their favorite treats. 

Buy Them a New Toy 

All pets love to receive a new toy that will keep them occupied for hours. Whether you’re out with your dog and stop by the local pet shop to let them pick out a fun bone, or you order some new mouse toys or string toys online for your cat, be sure to pick up a little gift that shows your pet how much you love seeing them happy. 

Consider a Microchip 

While microchipping your pet may not sound like an exciting adventure, it’s the perfect way to ensure their well-being and safety. Not only is June the month that holds Pet Appreciation Week, but it’s also National Microchipping Month. By having your pet microchipped you can ensure their safety and increase the chance of being reunited in the event they ever become separated from you. 

Schedule a Veterinary Appointment 

The most effective way to show your pet how much they are valued is to ensure they are current on all their health needs. Schedule an appointment with your trusted veterinarian today for Pet Appreciation Week to preserve your pet’s health and encourage a long, happy, and healthy life together. 

For more information about Pet Appreciation Week, contact your veterinarian today.



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